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Tips for Showings & Lease Signings

signing student housing lease

The showing and leasing process is something every student needs to understand as they search for the perfect off-campus housing.  While there are many college student rentals to choose from, WsYOU/Bluff City Properties is the premier provider of quality houses and apartments for college students in Winona.  Through quality, professionalism, kindness, and consistency, we strive to offer our renters the highest level of comfort, security, privacy, and world-class service.  We will be here for you every step of the way – from scheduling your tour, to signing your lease, to getting you moved into your new home – we strive to make this transition as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Here are some tips and information to ensure you find the most affordable & best quality housing in Winona apartment rentals…

·         Start your search early!  To get the place you really want, start your rental search early.  80% of our apartments are rented during the previous fall semester.

·         Decide what is important to you.  Are there amenities you cannot live without (on-site laundry, off-street parking, A/C)?  Do you want to be as close to campus as possible?  Make a list of the most important things you need your new apartment to have.  If the apartment you see on your showing does not have them, our showing agents might have another apartment in mind that would suit your needs.

·         Living with Roommates?  Having roommates allows you to share the ups and downs of student life with friends of your own choosing.  Roommates often study and socialize together in the Winona community.  Remember, you will be living in close proximity to one another for an entire year, so make sure to choose responsible friends and set ground rules for the apartment that everyone can agree on.

·         Living Alone?  Perhaps having roommates is not something you are interested in.  WsYOU/Bluff City Properties offers a number of 1-bedroom and studio/efficiency options.  When searching on our homepage, narrow down your search to just the 1-bedroom options.

·         Talk with our current renters.  If you have friends or classmates that currently rent from Bluff City Properties, reach out to them about their experience with our company.  Do the same for other landlord’s in town.  Upper classmen typically have rented from 1-2 different landlords by the time they’re seniors.  Use this invaluable resource to ensure you’re making the best decision.

·         Price isn’t the only factor.  Remember, it is unwise to decide on price alone.  Ask about the location of any landlord’s office and how many employed staff they have available to respond to maintenance and repair issues.  You want to know there is a staffed office during regular business hours near campus, and that there is a reliable 24-hour maintenance staff.

Setting up Your Showing: After you select properties you are interested in viewing, please contact our office to set up a showing.  We have showings available Monday through Friday between 10:00am-6:00pm.  Please plan to have all prospective renters available for showings.  You can plan for about 20-30 minutes for a showing and we typically have a maximum of 3 places per showing.

Day of the Showing: When you set up the showing, a staff member will inform you where you will be meeting on the day of the showing.  Typically it is at one of the properties you are interested in viewing.  If for any reason you forget, just reach out to our office for the information.  If you are viewing multiple properties, please make sure to have transportation available.

After the Showing: Back at our office (555 Huff St) it takes just a few minutes to go over the lease information and the other forms you will need.  We will answer any questions you have about the paperwork, deposits, move-in, etc.  Often, parents have questions as well.  We are happy to talk with parents and answer their questions directly, at your request.  The lease is also available for viewing online: See the Lease.

Don’t delay another day, set up your showing today!  Please call (507-454-4444), email (, text (507-274-7143), or stop by our office (555 Huff St) to set up your showing!