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Scholarships at Winona State University

A scholarship is a grant of money or in-kind benefits, given to a student to pay for college expenses. Some students win scholarships for their academic performances; others are awarded based on financial need. Whatever the case, every scholarship has requirements, which are qualifications that a student must meet in order to win. Before applying for scholarships, check all of the requirements for a scholarship to ensure you’re qualified. The more qualified you are for a scholarship, the better your chances of actually winning.

WSYOU Student Housing proudly presents annual scholarships to students attending Winona State University. These scholarships are awarded through the Winona State University Foundation.

WSYOU FREE Housing Scholarship

College students often struggle with paying for school and maintaining a reasonable quality of life. This scholarship has been created to help our college student off-campus renters secure free housing in one of our units

A grant of FREE rent for an ENTIRE year at the Quad 2.0 is awarded annually to one of our current renters (WSYOU Student Housing), who is a full-time student planning to live in Winona and to attend WSU the following year. 

  • Deadline for Application May 1, Each Year.
  • Eligible candidates are full time students at WSU with at least a 3.4 GPA. Candidates will submit an essay (3-5 pages) describing the importance of this grant in your desire to use your education to help change create a better world.

To apply, or for more information, please e-mail, Attn: WSYOU Housing Scholarship

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