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    The undersigned applicant(s) hereby authorize Bluff City Properties LLC to contact any consumer or credit reporting agency or bureau employed by it to investigate my (our) character, general reputation, mode of living, financial responsibility, the statements made on this application, to inquire of and check with persons and references named therein, and authorize (s) such credit or consumer reporting agency or bureau to make the consumer credit report in the connection therewith.
    It is agreed by the applicant and Bluff City Properties LLC that the apartment applied for will not be considered rented until the applicant has completed the following: 1. Fully filled out an application and credit check completed (if required). 2. Placed a full deposit in the form of cash, check, or credit/debit card. 3. Have been approved by Bluff City Properties LLC to sign a lease after references and or credit check. 4. Applicant will be asked to read and sign a lease agreement (the agreement must be signed within a reasonable amount of time, generally 2-3 days after the applicant has been contacted by Bluff City Properties LLC to do so. 5. Checks are cashed and funds are available. If funds are not available – in the case of a NSF check, Bluff City Properties LLC reserves the right to cancel the lease agreement. Verification of funds generally takes 10-15 days. 6. When all items above have been completed, Bluff City Properties LLC.’s agent or representative will complete the lease with their final signature. 7. Failure to complete any of the above items in regard to the unit being applied for by applicant may result in Bluff City Properties LLC. renting the unit to someone else. 8. Your security depost will be retained if the applicant has been accepted and signed a lease, but fails to occupy the unit and Bluff City Properties needs to re-rent the unit.

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